As the festive season approach, let's see how we can be thankful for SEO in our businesses.

SEO, while a marketing strategy, is also a huge transition to businesses. NetMaticO is a top-rated Digital Marketing Agency which provides custom SEO services for your business.


·          SEO is one of the top most profitable marketing strategies

·         Investing in SEO results in Google rewards

·         SEO helps establish trustworthy relationships between customers and businesses


1. SEO Is One Of The Top Most Profitable Marketing Strategies

Are there any other marketing strategies that pay continuous dividends?

You don't pay for PPC, visibility and traffic are prohibited, and Billboard ad is removed. Decreasing the visibility of your website. It is indeed a long-term investment, but its benefits are just as much. Most huge payments are upfront and will benefit you long after you've invested. And you can claim credit for the achievements that you achieve through SEO.


The average click-through rate around all industries is 3%. Organic research results gather and fish out only 5% of traffic. The average clicks on the first research result are about 28% to 52%  PPC and social media are important factors in the formation of a marketing strategy. But the most useful is the SEO strategy since it has immense benefits and is the latest strategy. About 5.9 million researches are being planted per minute. There is no other way of reaching your target audience as efficiently as the search results.


The other immense amount of strategies can't even be close to tracking search results this efficiently. We should focus on how much results other traditional ways of billboards and fliers made us. About 43% of results are guaranteed when you step into SEO. All things considered, SEO is not a cheap strategy. But again, a strategy that will make you more reliable than multiple competitors and move you to the top can't possibly be cheap, and the results are worth every penny.

For these factors, businesses that have adopted SEO can be thankful for it being as helpful as it is.


2. Investing In SEO Results In Google Rewards

"Focus on the consumer, and all else will follow" is the highest on Google's 10 things list. SEO works in the same way if it's carried out the right way. Google's priority is to modify our search results according to our intent.


Two conditions compel Google to reward your business

·         When a business makes an effort to optimize and make it easy for users to access and use it

·         Acknowledge their target audience and make content accordingly


Google will be bound to show your work on the first page of the search consequences. SEO is your stepping stone to success! Google promotes search engine optimization as a way to help you understand how search engines might find it easier to crawl, index, and understand your content. And for the question as to why SEO and Google have been collaborating for so many years is because they have a partnership going on. SEO and Google work well together, which is another reason for all of us to be thankful for!


3. SEO Helps Establish Trustworthy Relationships Between Customers And Businesses

One of the many things SEO specializes in is building trust and a bond between potential clients and businesses. SEO strategy helps businesses to understand their client's needs and cater to them accordingly.


It helps businesses figure out

  . What people are looking for

  . Search intent behind what they're looking for

  . How to perform accordingly to satisfy their customers' needs exactly when they need it.


Following are the ways to develop a sense of trust between you and your customers

 . Carving An Impression through Appearing on the Very First Page Of Google Search Results - when Google recommends your page on page 1. People automatically begin to contemplate that your page is bound to be trustworthy as Google chooses you!

 . Second Step To Trust Building: Quality Content - when you actually understand your customers' requirements and time yourself accordingly, ensuring that you deliver them the content they desire at just the right time for them to be satisfied. Doesn't matter if it's your website, YouTube channel, or any other type of SERPS; you are bound to make it.

 . Third Step Is To Invest On Conversions - once people actually decide to enter your site from the web search results, you have to focus on features that affect the UX experience of the users. Different mini features should be added to your site to make it fun and tranquil to surf through the website. This enforces a sense of compatibility and obligation on the user to come again and make appointments or calls.


SEO is just the thing one requires if you are having trouble creating just the perfect website. Google's guidelines make it pretty obvious that Google cherishes trust the most.

SEO makes it less complex for people to decipher these guidelines and invest in optimizing their websites according to Google's needs. SEO helps create and further flourish your website's reputation online.


Thank You, Seo!

Search engine optimization has helped so many businesses bloom, and we are truly thankful for that.

Over the years, I've witnessed how SEO services  has helped businesses go from struggling to thriving. It has created countless more job opportunities and affected an abundant amount of lives in a positive manner.

SEO is not a service or job. It is a game-changer, and we are appreciative of each and every time it has helped us and will help you in the future!