In all types of digital marketing campaigns, appropriate content is the key to success and what is more important for marketing than writing is. When we talk about writing in digital marketing. Email marketing techniques is one of the most important pillars in presenting your business to your target audience.

According to latest research, the attention span of an average human has dropped from 12 seconds to 9 seconds over the past decade. That implies that you have to be at your A game. While writing marketing emails to get the most attention span possible.

Writing Marketing Email:

Email marketing techniques has become a very effective way of online marketing. Because it is convenient and you can reach out to anyone through a well-written email. You might be thinking that whether you have to be formal or informal, elaborative or concise in your email. There is no hard and fast rule regarding that. It depends on the person to whom you are addressing. There is thin line between good and substandard email. It surely is tricky task to find the balance for writing the perfect email. But once you master this art, it can do wonders for your online marketing prospects.

In this blog, we will talk about the main aspects that can enhance your email writing skills. Following are some of the steps that can be taken to write the most effective marketing email:

Determine the Purpose:

The first and the most basic step of writing an effective marketing email is to determine the purpose of your email-writing. You have to be certain about the goal behind it like attracting a client or a company, and devise a writing plan for it. Your plan should be based on analysis of your audience, and purpose of your email.

The best way to devise a writing plan is to consider yourself in place of the receiver. And point out the things that you would want to and things you do not wish to see in an email. Putting yourself in the recipient’s shoes can develop a sensitivity in your writing. You will stick only to the appropriate stuff.

Once you have determined the purpose and plan for your email, then stick to it. Don’t beat around the bush before getting to the actual point. Because it is one thing that annoys reader the most. You have to be direct in your approach rather than making a build up to it. Because that is against the norms of professional communication. Also, try to achieve one goal through single email rather than putting all the apples in one bucket. It will confuse the hell out of the reader and you would never get the desired outcome.

Choose an Appropriate Subject:

Whenever you are writing an email, you have to write the subject of the email first. The subject is based upon all the prior thinking. You have done from goal and purpose behind the email to type of your recipient. The subject can be a make and break element in an email. Because it can compel the recipient to read the whole email or throw him off completely.

You have to concise and concrete in your subject line. Because it has to be brief yet should include the essence of the whole email. Remember that you cannot trick a person into reading your email and it you somehow do. So it would yield even more disastrous consequences like anger and disappointment in recipient. It is highly unprofessional and amateur to do so. It can give you a bad name which obviously no one wants.

Try writing a subject line that is suggestive of the core of email and try keeping it as brief as possible. It is recommended to keep the subject line under 30 characters for reader’s convenience. A good subject line can be very helpful in making your email effective and producing the desirable outcome.

Add Greeting in the Start:

It might be too out there, but the right way to start off any kind of email is through greeting. The preheader text is also an important part in capturing the attention of the recipient. It better be good. It is no rocket science to understand the importance of salutation in preheader text. It is human nature that everyone wants to be praised and greeting words in the start. It would be good way to get things going.

You should be very careful in selecting the salutations for an email. Because they should be appropriate for context and recipient of the email. For example, if you are writing a formal email to some bank for loan. Then you should use Dear followed by the name to whom it is written. But if you are writing an email to your boss or someone you know personally. Then you can be little more expressive in your greeting like good morning, good afternoon. Obviously, there is no fixed rule for it,. But you don’t want to experiment too much in this section and try sticking to the more conventional greetings like Hi, Dear etc.

Keep Body Concise and Concrete:

The main body of the email holds the most significant position in all sections. Because it can prove to be the deciding factor in the end. No matter how good the subject, start or end of the email is. If you have messed up the main body then you are in trouble for sure. The planning of purpose of the email and audience analysis could be helpful in writing a good body.

There may be thousands of emails on similar subject floating around in the inboxes of your recipients. Most of them got deleted. The challenge for you is to remain under the similar domain and yet be different in a way. That you can influence the reader in your favour. Its all about conveying your message in the right way that it gets across without boring or offending the reader.

Write the body of an email in a brief and direct manner. So that the reader does not get bored or irritated by reading your build up. On the other hand, you do not want to miss out the important aspects in your message. Try to elaborative wherever necessary for a better understanding of the reader. Remember that you do not have to explain each and every point as it will throw the reader off. Use words that can be alternative for sentences as it will help to keep the body concise and concrete.

Important Aspect of Email Marketing Techniques 

Another important aspect of email marketing techniques is to keep the body of your email simple and understandable. Try using simple and common vocabulary so that you get your message through easily. Using unfamiliar words to leave an impression on the reader is a bad idea. It will get him annoyed very quickly and he may not read the whole email. It is important that you are aware of the goal of your email. But it is equally important that the recipient gets the purpose of the email so try to be direct in your approach.


You have to give a solid conclusion before closing remarks which should include the reason for writing the email and what you want from the recipient. Without a proper conclusion, your reader would be confused and irritated by the message, and you would never get the desired response.

After conclusive remarks, you have to close the message by adding salutations. Don’t be too experimental in your closing as well and try to be as simple as possible. Incorporating greetings that are brief and respectful are the best way to go. Don’t try to be too personal in your greetings and stick to more common and approved salutations like regards and thanks.

Once closing is complete, give the whole email a proofread to check any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes. This is an important step in the process of writing a good email because little mistakes here and there can present you as unprofessional or incompetent in front of the reader. Sometimes small mistakes can change the meaning of whole sentence and can lead to misunderstanding. It is very important to proofread your email before finalizing.

Do Time Scheduling:

Before sending the email, you have to do time scheduling to prevent any inconvenience for the recipient. If the recipient lives in another country, you have to consider the difference in time zones between you and him because you do not want to wake him up in the middle of the night. Even if you are sending the email to someone in your country, you have to keep the aspect of time in mind.

Try considering yourself in recipient’s place and think what time would be the most suitable for sending the email. Like it is more appropriate if you are sending an email in the afternoon when the recipient is at workplace rather than sending it too early in the morning or late in the evening. It is highly recommended to keep an eye on sending time because it can affect your impression in front of the recipient that can put all your efforts in vain.

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