In 2022, evaluate your digital media effectiveness to create stronger campaigns and a more efficient marketing funnel.


Examining your use of digital media is an important first step in developing & optimizing your digital marketing strategy. But how do you tune in & prioritize what works and what doesn't without getting bogged down in vanity metrics?


As a Canada’s Digital marketing company, NetMaticO recommends using VQVC to consolidate and streamline how you measure your digital media. This mnemonic demonstrates how volume, quality, value, and cost can help you separate different aspects of your marketing activities. Continue reading to learn more about VQVC and other critical digital media planning techniques.


Furthermore, do you truly understand how and when your target audience receives key marketing communications? Our RACE Framework assists thousands of marketers worldwide track and optimizing their key digital media to achieve the best results without breaking the bank. That is why NetNaticO recommends organizing your strategy around RACE.


This practical and actionable blog will look at quick and easy ways to review your digital media channels and strategy.


1)   Examining Digital Media Channels Throughout The Lifecycles Of Your Customers

It all starts with going through each of your channels! We will go over the aspects of reviewing your digital marketing effectiveness in this article, and we recommend doing so for each of the following digital channels:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Online Public Relations
  • Optimizing your presence on social media is part of social media marketing.
  • Online collaborations include affiliate marketing and sponsorships.
  • Online display advertising, such as ads on the AdWords display network, as well as retargeting and social media ads
  • Email marketing with opt-in


2)   Examine VQVC Metrics Across All Channels.

The best way to begin is to include VQVC measures for each channel. VQVC stands for:

  • Volume: The number or percentage of site visits.
  • Quality: Dwell time or lead or sale conversion rate
  • Value: Ecommerce revenue per visit or goal value per visit (goals set up for non-E-commerce sites)
  • Cost per visit/lead/sale:

It takes time to compile these figures accurately, but how can you improve if you don't know them? VQVC can be extremely useful for comparing digital media activities or channel benchmarking against competitors, such as those with comparable media budget spending. If you do not, you may lose customers to competitors who invest in digital marketing.


3)   Opportunity Strategy Implementation

This part for each of your channels is all about determining the success factors in each of your channels. What are your opportunities? What strategies will help you achieve your objectives? What steps must take? It is preferable to include:


What do you want to change? What is to be changed, and how will it change? Remember that this is only a high-level overview; specific details and campaign aspects are not required now.

What does success entail? It's useful to know this at the end of the year to determine whether your strategy was successful; it'll be extremely useful when you do this audit again next year.

4)   Overall Importance And Value In Comparison To Other Channels

This section reviews how successful each channel compares to others, but more specifically, how important this channel is in meeting your business objectives.


For example, you may decide that you want to increase retargeting and display advertising in the coming year while decreasing your use of Facebook Ads due to low ROI. The value aspect lets you investigate how much value you believe you receive from this channel. Consider the following:

  • Is your SEO delivering, or do you need to improve it?
  • Perhaps your keywords are too specific and competitive, so paid media performs better.
  • Which growth channels should you prioritize?


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