The development of a website is not the ultimate goal rather it is the start of your battle to make your mark in the online world. For any webpage or website, the visibility and traffic hold the key to success. Without it, there is no purpose of your digital presence. You should enhance your engagement with the audience to induce more flow on your website or webpage. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the technique that can induce the best results for your effective presence on the internet. It is a full-time job and companies hire highly paid SEO professionals to do the job. But if you are short on money, this blog will certainly help you to do Search Engine Optimization by yourself.

Following are some of the important measures that can be taken to do an effective search engine optimization for your website:

Research Targeted Keywords:

SEO-targeted keyword

First step to do the SEO for a website is by searching high ranked keywords of your niche. It is important to understand that in online world, you do not determine the name of your product rather audience do. So, for having a better traffic on your website, you need to adjust content on your website according to visitor’s perspective. High ranked or master keywords are the ones that are most commonly used by the audience to find results that are linked to your content. The usage of popular keywords can do a world of good to the traffic flow on your website and can also enhance your engagement with the audience. You don’t need to use the popular keywords as it is rather additional words of your niche or company can also be added with them. Researching different keywords of similar domain can tell you about the demand of the keyword, and you can choose the most popular ones out of all.

Researching master keywords is a time-consuming job, but it is made easier by several tools like Google keyword planner, SECockpit, Ahrefs keywords explorer. These keyword tools give quantity-based results of different keywords of your niche helping you to determine the more popular ones.

Determine Your Competitors:


An important aspect of a successful online presence is anticipating your competition and improvising your strategy accordingly. Search competitors of similar niche online and the ones that target the similar keywords. Point out the most popular ones amongst the lot to get an idea about their mechanism of working. Following are some of the points to look at while going through websites of your popular competitors:

  • Notice what techniques they have used get a better audience.
  • At what locations, they have incorporated the keywords in the website.
  • The structure of the website.
  • Different functionalities and features of the website.
  • What have they done that you did not do?

You can also search the off-page measures like SMM, email marketing, backlinks etc. that they have taken to improve the audience on their website.

Do Planning for Your Website:

Getting to know your competition and client’s response gives you an idea about the way to go in future. So, after having ample information about your direction, devise a plan to proceed further. Gather all the team members and carry out a brainstorming session to explore different ideas and possibilities. Make changes to the layout and architecture of the website if needed. Try to make their structure similar to those of the popular ones. It does not necessarily mean that you copy the whole website model of the competitors rather do it in a subtle way. Take the idea and implement that in your own style to keep your unique identity alive. Also, make a plan for future as well regarding website maintenance.

Implement SEO Techniques on Your Website:


The next step is probably the most important one in which the actual optimization process starts. The effective optimization requires both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. You can incorporate On-page SEO techniques like usage of title tags, meta descriptions and popular keywords to get a good visibility for your website. You can use more long tail and specific keywords to optimize your website more effectively. Off-page techniques like social media marketing, email marketing, usage of backlinks can prove to be very beneficial in boosting your search engine rankings. To increase the domain authority of your site, you need to make multiple subdomains. For that, several new webpages related to the scope of the website are developed and are linked with the website.

The limitation of website to any particular device can also be a big hurdle in good visibility of the website. It means that your website should be operable from all kinds of devices like mobile phones, computers, tablets etc. This is important because the traffic on the internet does not come from one kind of device rather it comes from all types of gadgets. According to certain estimates, half of the searches come from computers while half come from smartphones and other gadgets. Google also ranks the organic searches separately for desktop and mobile devices depending on different parameters. So, ignoring any of this large number of audiences can squeeze out the probability of high ranking of your website.

Keep Producing Regular Content:


One thing that is certain for a good visibility of a website is to keep posting new content on your website. You need to keep your potential audience interested by producing new content for your website. Post blogs, informative articles, infographics, videos to keep audience engaged. One thing to keep in mind is that consistency is the key to success for getting good traffic on your website. Posting content every day for a month and then posting nothing for next three months is not the sway to go. Instead, you can post new on your website every week for a longer time to get favourable outcomes.

Keep Updating the Website:


The task of doing effective SEO is never complete rather it is a constant process. You need to adapt according to changing times and challenges and take measures accordingly. Keep updating the popular keywords, tags, meta descriptions etc .Also, you can add new plugins to get a better functionality of your website. Some SEO plugins can help you monitor your traffic and helps you identify SEO-friendly changes that you can make. You can also make visually appealing updates to grab audience attention that can result in better traffic flow.

Develop a Good PR:

Developing a good PR online is important for boosting your web traffic. Many search engines don’t allow backlink purchasing, so you need to have a good PR to do so. You should contact popular websites of your niche and ask them for backlinks. It is not that easy as it seems because no one will give you a favour until and unless you are willing to return one. Making compelling and impressive content and website can also attract influential people who can lift the traffic and visibility of your website. The use of email marketing can also be a good way to develop good PR. Increasing your activity on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. can also help you connect with new people. You can also ask your personal friends to promote your website to get more exposure.

Use SEO Tools:

You can make use of different SEO tools to get favourable results for optimizing your website. Tools like Google analytics and Yoast SEO help you keep track of the progress of website by SEO. They can tell you the ranking, rises, falls off your website’s traffic flow. In google analytics, you can get a full report about the overall data about your traffic from history of traffic to location of visitors. It can also give you information about the trends followed by the audience on your website and what are reasons responsible for them. In this way, you can take suitable optimization measures to get better results. You can also add plugins for SEO tools on your website for convenient monitoring.

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