Gary Thuerk, a marketing executive, sent the first marketing email in the late 1970s when he sent a couple of hundred unsolicited emails to advertise his company's computer products. A lot has changed in the last 40 years, and it is now ordinary practice to send thousands of emails at once. In addition, we hope you never send unsolicited emails (if you do, please read goal #3 carefully).


Several new marketing channels have arisen since the debut of email marketing decades ago, and the use of social media alone has skyrocketed. As we approach 2022, emails remain one of the most popular and successful ways to reach your target audience.


If you've considered abandoning email in favor of a newer channel, don't. When it comes to ROI, you should be looking at how you can use it more efficiently. To assist you, we've compiled a list of feasible goals for 2022. While many of these objectives are standard email best practices that you should pursue in any circumstance, others are trend-related. Many of the themes that defined email marketing in 2021 will continue to significantly impact the coming year. So, if you didn't capitalize on all of the trends in the previous year, you'll have another chance.


1.    Assess Your Performance

Measuring the performance of your email marketing is not a new concept in 2022, and it should be one of your annual objectives. If you don't take the time to study your numbers, you won't be able to set reasonable goals for the rest of the year. This data will show you how you compare to your competition and assist you in pinpointing specific areas that demand greater attention.


Here are several significant email benchmarks that you should be aware of:


  • Rate of openness
  • Rate of click-through
  • Rate of click-to-open
  • Rate of unsubscription


2.    Improve Your Understanding Of Your Audience

We've talked a lot about how essential it is to understand your target audience. Whether you're launching an online business from scratch or extending your product line, the process usually begins with determining who your target customer is.


However, make it a goal to get to know your audience. You should know who they are, but you should also know what makes them tick.


3.    Increase Your Transparency

The quest for sustainability significantly impacts the retail sector in 2021. People want to know the backstory of the items and brands they buy. However, sustainability encompasses much more than the environmental effect, and it's also a matter of your social responsibility to customers. You only have to look at Facebook's outrage for prioritizing growth over user safety to realize that customers value ethical marketing.


In terms of email marketing, you should always be open and honest. Don't try to obtain email addresses deceptively, and it's simply not worth it. You will alienate your audience, harm your brand, and risk tagging as spam.


4.    Accept UGC

One of the primary benefits of incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into your digital marketing initiatives is that it helps to establish your brand's credibility. Consumers are more likely to trust your company and its offers if they see how other customers have connected with your brand.


UGC is free, but there are various simple ways to incorporate it into your messages. So there's no reason not to welcome more UGC in 2022. It's developing so swiftly that it estimates that by 2022, UGC will be worth $6 billion to the worldwide music industry alone.


5.    Make use of AI.

More retailers are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations for duties such as visual curation, consumer engagement, and developing personalized purchasing experiences. AI can also help email marketers analyze data to forecast subscriber behavior and trends. Some AI software solutions will even provide recommendations on boosting consumer engagement.


Why not utilize the available technology? Maybe it's time to start working more innovative in 2022?


6.    Should use Personalization 

Email customization has been one of the biggest trends in email marketing over the last year, and it predicts to continue to play a significant role in 2022. If you haven't benefited from this trend yet, you risk making your clients feel unappreciated. Furthermore, clients have come to expect a personalized customer experience, and as a result, you can't just disregard it in the new year.


Here are a few ideas for using it in your digital marketing strategy:

·         Make product recommendations to particular groups on your list.

·         Like shopping cart abandonment, customer behavior can be used to trigger emails.

·         Include the name of your receiver.


7.    Be More Involved

Because of the protests that marked the end of 2020, several businesses promoted diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in 2021. However, should evaluate the role of DEI in your marketing efforts and workplace regularly. It should not end with a single statement that you commit to eliminating cultural bias and discrimination.


Instead, concentrate on how diversity portrays in your marketing materials. Do your photographs

represent everyone? Do you use language in a way that reinforces stereotypes? More than half of customers polled in a Facebook-commissioned study said they didn't feel entirely culturally represented in internet advertising. Furthermore, the same study discovered that more than 70% of respondents expected firms to encourage diversity and inclusion in their online advertising.


The difficulty in fostering and communicating diversity is finding the proper balance. It's all too easy to give the idea that you're trying too hard, which can be offensive. As a result, make sure to keep it reasonable.


If you get this right, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're contributing to the solution, but your brand will benefit financially. When a brand's marketing addresses representation, it can increase consumer loyalty and drive sales. Almost 60% of customers said they are more loyal to brands that promote diversity and inclusion in online advertising and prefer to buy from these brands.


8.    More Reward

It is beneficial to incorporate free content in your emails. Bluewire Media research found that including free tools like templates increased click-through rates by three times. So, don't rely solely on freebies as lead magnets to expand your subscriber base. These kinds of resources are fantastic for increasing participation.



9.    Send at the Appropriate Time

When it comes to email marketing, time is everything. Send time optimization can significantly impact open rates, click-through rates, and revenue per subscriber. According to web data, the most important days to send marketing emails are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Overall, it's best to send it throughout the workweek, but those two days, in particular, can provide the highest click-through and open rates.


Not only is the day of the week important, but so is the time. The optimum time to send marketing emails is when your readers are likely to take a break. You will, however, need to conduct your testing to determine which day and time will yield the best results for your target audience. Finally, your objective for 2022 should be to find that sweet place where your email will be at the right place at the top when your subscribers check their messages.


10.    Clear Out Your To-Do List

If you haven't eliminated inactive subscribers in prior years, it's about time you do so in 2022. In fact, should update your email list at least twice a year. If you do not, it may have a detrimental influence on email deliverability. Furthermore, your metrics will be more accurate because they will not influence by subscribers whose email addresses may have changed.


When refreshing your subscriber list by eliminating inactive subscribers, it's best to send a win-back email first. It's worth a try; you might acquire a few subscribers who want to stay on your list. After receiving this re-engagement email, those who remain inactive should remove from your list without hesitation.


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