Have You Been Making These Ad Graphic Mistakes Your Entire Career?

Adults now spend an all-time high of 95 minutes per day on social media across all platforms. With over 3.9 billion total social media users across all platforms, social media marketing ads are increasingly effective at generating purchases. Your ad images play a significant function in visually persuading your customers to spend money on what you're selling or the service you're providing. However, if your designs are ineffective, they may be harming your outcomes rather than helping you close the deal with potential clients.


In this blog, we will discuss five ad graphic blunders that may be harming your results.

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#1: The Advertisements Appear Very Generic And Uninteresting

Please don’t get us wrong; simplicity is essential in the design and should eliminate everything extra. However, adding elements to keep your potential client's eyes on your picture is vital. You don't want your ad to appear bland and uninteresting, and you certainly don't want to utilize striking designs. It would help if you thought about the visual impact of your design. It's tempting to play it safe. However, there is a distinction between being crisp and clean and seeming unimpressive and uninteresting.


As a result, include visually appealing aspects in your design that complement and emphasize your product. Make sure they're not too visually aggressive and don't divert attention away from your main subject. The goal here is to strike a mix between a clean design and enough engaging core pieces to leave a visually pleasing and lasting impression.


#2: You Are Using Too Many Fonts And Adding Too Much Text

The most effective advertisements feature little to no text. It is why Facebook used to have a 20% restriction that prohibited you from running any advertisements with text that covered more than 20% of your image. They've subsequently abolished this as a necessity, but it's still a good rule to follow for your ad graphics. Furthermore, you don't want to use too many font faces in your design. Keep your typefaces per ad to a maximum of two. Your graphic will appear cluttered and unbalanced if you use too many typefaces.


#3: Using Too Many Stock Photographs

Stock pictures are fantastic, and when used correctly, they can assist develop high-quality business graphics. However, specific stock photographs appear overly produced. If you use stock images for social media visuals, including adverts, you run the danger of having your visual branding seem tacky and impersonal. Stock photos will never be able to represent you and your company truly. So, whenever possible, use actual high-quality photographs of your product or service, and it maintains an authentic appearance that potential customers would like and trust.


#4: Using No Movement

Because our eyes naturally draw to movement, motion, and video-based commercials are a practical approach to capturing potential buyers' attention. A pleasant encounter with a video commercial boosts a viewer's likelihood of purchasing by 97 percent. And if you're only using static graphics for all of your ads, you're missing out. Aside from providing movement to your commercial, use the video format by including audio in the mix. In addition, matching your video with music helps define the tone of your brand and elicit the emotion you want from your audience.


#4: Concentrating On The Incorrect Subject

When it comes to social media graphics, it's critical that your visual branding is always present and that each image you upload adheres to your branding rules. It includes your social media advertisements. However, when it comes to commercials and visual branding, make sure you're not attracting too much attention to your brand that it draws the focus away from what you're selling in the ad, aka your product. As a result, your company logo will not have to be as apparent as it is in your regular social media posts. We have covered the importance of including aesthetically pleasant visual aspects in your design that complement and highlight your product.


The trick is to construct your visual around your subject and incorporate branding features that make it stand out rather than blend in. That's all for ad graphic mistakes that could be harming your results. Do you have any other ad graphic blunders to share? Let us know.