Nowadays, every kind of business should have a presence on the internet to reach out to a huge audience. You need to have a strong digital presence to keep the identity of your business alive in the market. For that purpose, an interactive and graphic website is the way to go. Because it can be the central platform for your digital engagements. The website design and development are not easy tasks to do. Your website has to complement your company’s vision and policy. As you have to make a place in the market, similarly you have to develop a unique presence in the digital world through solid web design and development.


Your website should be a wholesome package both technically and content-wise. It should be sophisticated in its mechanism yet convenient for usage. The key to success is not only knowing what to do but also what not to do. In this blog, we will share the factors that can affect the design and development of a website, and what are the requirements of a successful website.

Factors that Affect the Web Design and Development Process:

Flaws in Web Design:


The design process is the base of actual website development, and if this part gets messed up. Then the whole process gets ruined. The web design helps develop a layout for a website to be followed by developers. They basically are responsible for the more cosmetic side of a website from fonts, typography, color scheme etc. Some of the major flaws in web designing that can lead to a substandard website are given below:

  • Not incorporating user requirements can be an important factor leading to an undesirable website. Usually, it happens due to communication gap or misunderstanding between web designer and clients.
  • The lack of responsive nature in a web design is one of the main reasons for a poor website. The user wants visual pleasure and interactive design that is convenient to use. So making a rigid and unresponsive design can be a disastrous idea.
  • Restricting a website design to a specific device can also be a fatal mistake in website development. Nowadays everyone has mobile phone in their hands, and they rely on it for most of their online activities. Failing to open any website on mobile phones, tablets or other similar gadgets can limit the scope of a website.

Flaws in Development:


Whenever we are talking about web design and development, we will consider the development team as the captain of the ship because they are the individuals who can make or break the development process. Web development team is responsible for the working mechanism of a website. The flaws in the development process can be attributed to multiple reasons, and some of them are given below:

  • Most of the times, the main reason for flaws in the development process are due to the developer’s inability to gather all the demands of the clients properly. There is usually a communication gap between the development team and client that produces confusion.
  • The unskilled and inexperienced development team can also be an important factor responsible for substandard web development.
  • Limited resources and budget can also have a negative influence on web design and development process.
  • The pressure of meeting the deadlines can also affect the development of a website. The time factor can be hurdle in bringing out the best from developers.
  • The lack of commitment and effort could also be factor responsible for a substandard website.


Even though client is the king when we talk about web development because he gives orders and you have to follow. But it is not a perfect world so the king can also make mistakes and you need to rectify them. There are many common faults on client’s part in web design and development, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • The clients can give you requirements that are unrealistic to achieve under the given resources. This usually occurs when the client is unaware of the technicalities involved in the process.
  • For some clients, saving money is the main goal rather than development of a good website. That is why they try to squeeze the budget as much as possible leaving a very limited potential in the final outcome.
  • The client’s obsession to certain aspects can also lead to undesirable results. Like, if a client will tell you to do something that is technically not feasible in any way, obviously it will affect the end product.
  • The extraordinary expectations on the part of the client can also be a negative influence on the overall web development process. It is because you can never achieve perfection and there are certain technical boundaries that cannot be crossed.
  • The pressure of timely delivery from client’s side can be an important factor in affecting the web design and development process.

Important Functionalities in a Successful Website:

As we have discussed the factors that are responsible for affecting the web development and design process, now we will give an insight on the key functionalities that are vital to make a website effective:


Quick Loading Time:

Whenever a website is made, the first step in its running is to load the website and gauge time it takes in the process. It is the prime parameter in checking the performance of a newly built website. This is the first step to make the website user-friendly because no one would want to wait for long while opening a website. Different optimization techniques, use of expired headers and clearance of caches can be key factors in enhancing the loading speed of a website. It is to be kept in mind that the loading time of a website is also dependent on the website size, model and content of website. You can keep track of the loading speed of your website through different tolls like Page Speed Insights and Pingdom.

Compatibility with all Devices:

The most convenient website is never limited to certain devices rather it can be opened on any device. You have to make an interactive and responsive design for your website that is compatible to all kinds of devices so that user can access your website anywhere conveniently.


The importance of search engine optimization in the success of a website is undeniable. It can do a world of good to overall visibility and engagement of a website. You should incorporate optimization techniques in the design and content of your website. Make use of on page and off page SEO to get the favourable visibility of your website.

Install CMS:

The importance of content in a website is not only limited to the process of development rather the website should be accommodating enough to manage content afterwards like from user or client. For that purpose, a content management system (CMS) should be incorporated in the web design.

Social Media/Email:

Nowadays the purpose of website is unfulfilled until it is being linked to email forms and different social media platforms. You should synchronize emailing system and integrate social media platforms within your design like Facebook, snapchat and Instagram. It will make your website highly convenient for the user because they can jump off to anywhere, they want through a single click.


One of the most important aspect of a successful website is its high security and privacy. You have to include privacy and security protocols in the design of a website to facilitate privacy and security checks to prevent any cyber-attacks on your website.

Artificial Intelligence:

It might sound like a far-fetched idea few years ago, but in this day and age the artificially intelligent interfaces in a website is the need of the hour. The user wants the ultimate pleasure and convenience while using a website so you also have to go a step ahead in making your website as interactive as it can be. There are many AI tools available that can be used to integrate Artificial intelligence within the design of a website.

The web design and development process has also evolved over the years with other technologies. You should adapt according to the changing demands of the market through incorporating futuristic and highly responsive designs. Make your website more and more user-friendly because it is the ultimate parameter for the success of your website. The details mentioned above can prove to be helpful in bringing the best out of your website. Keeping all these aspects in check can boost the return on investment of your website and increase the overall engagement and visibility of your website.