Duplicate content is not only a plagiarism issue but also a detrimental impact on a website's SEO. But why is duplicate website material harmful to SEO (search engine optimization)?


Search engines employ content to determine which page best matches the search query and should appear in the search results. If you have two pages on the same website with the same or even too similar material, you may be confounding search engines and damaging your search rank. If you running a digital marketing agency and providing SEO services than you must read this blog.  


The goal of a search engine is to crawl the web and locate the best answer to a search query. When many pages with duplicate content are delivered, search engines are confused and decide to skip the pages entirely. Which page should it give credit to if there are numerous pages with the same answer? Neither.

As a result, all pages with the same material are lower, while another website with original information gets placed higher because it is deemed more beneficial for the search query. That does not provide the searcher or website owner with the most credible information.


Why Is There A Problem With Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is essential since it not only confuses search engines about which site to rank but also leaves them unsure whether to direct link metrics to one page or spread them out across multiple editions. Search engines are likewise unsure which versions to include or exclude from their index.


Duplicate content causes site owners to lose ranks and traffic. Because search engines rarely provide many versions of the same content, they force you to choose the version that yields the best results. It means that all other duplicates will be less visible. In addition, link equity suffers since other sites must pick between duplicate pieces of material. Inbound links will point to numerous pieces of content, not just one, which might impact the search visibility of a particular piece of information.


What Causes Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content did intentionally. However, it still occurs frequently enough to be bothersome. Have you recently redesigned your website? Due to duplicate versions of your website being life simultaneously, you may suffer from lower search positioning if your site version is not adjusted correctly in Google Search Console. Ensure your website design business understands how to configure the suitable site version and submit the correct sitemap to Google's search engine.


Consider the following other common instances that can result in duplicate content:


Various Site Versions

Some websites have a "www" in their address, whereas others do not. If your site has multiple versions and the same material appears on both, you have duplicated each page. The same is true for sites that use both HTTP:// and HTTPS://. You may also encounter duplicate content difficulties. As previously stated, this can easily occur following a website redesign or switching from a non-secure to a secure version of your site.


URL Modifications

URL parameters, such as click tracking and some analytics codes, can cause duplicate content concerns. It could be a problem with the parameters themselves and the order in which they appear in the URL. When various pages are indexed, printer-friendly versions of the content can generate duplicate content concerns. Avoid adding URL parameters or different URL variants to avoid redundant material.


Pagination Of Comments

It is possible to paginate comments in WordPress and several other platforms, and it may result in duplicate material across the article URL.


Slashes With And Without Trailing Slashes

From Google's perspective, URLs with and without trailing slashes are distinct. Duplicate content concerns will arise if your content is available via URLs with and without the following slash.


Duplicate content might occur if your site has similar content to people in different areas who speak the same language. Having three separate versions of your site for visitors in three other nations with very small modifications will result in nearly identical versions.


How To Resolve Duplicate Content Problems

In the end, it doesn't matter how you got duplicate material; what matters is that you fix it before it hurts your SEO results. You must first determine which version is the duplicate and which version is the original. After you've resolved this, you have a few options.


Don't Allow It To Happen

The simplest method to avoid duplicate content is to avoid it in the first place. It includes looking for duplicate printer-friendly pages, session IDs, and pagination. You can also check to see if your parameters are in the correct order & that website development company, developing your site enter the parameters in the same order. These small steps can go a long way regarding duplicate material.


Redirect 301

You can redirect the duplicate page to the original content page using a 301 redirect. It can help in resolving your problems since when numerous pages that can rank consolidate into one page, they stop competing with one another and produce better relevancy.


Rel=" Canonical"

The rel=canonical attribute can also assist in dealing with duplicate content. It instructs search engines that a page should view as if it were a copy of a specific URL and that it should attribute all links and content metrics applied to this page to the specific URL. The rel= "canonical" property is part of a web page's HTML head.


Bottom Line: Speak With A Digital Marketing Agency

Knowing about duplicate content concerns and why they can be detrimental to your SEO results is critical if you want to maintain a high-quality website. Avoiding issues that can lead to duplicate material and resolving them as they arise will help to protect your site in the long run.


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