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Social Media Marketing


Skyrocket your Sales with Social Media Marketing Services

NetMaticO is the best social media marketing agency in Toronto that provides services to help grow brand awareness, generate leads, and drive a business's website traffic. Our social media marketing services are focused on placing a company in a better position for tapping a two-way conversation between you and your customer. Our social media marketing services are designed to show where people are talking about you, the areas to get the best involvement, and, ultimately, the tactics to increase brand awareness. The social media expert of NetMaticO develops a strategy keeping in view all the dimensions of a business.

Improve your Social Media Presence and Get More Traffic, Engagement, and Conversions

Develop Brand Awareness

Our social media marketing services will ensure your brand's message is disseminated to your followers, matching your usual customers demographics, interests, and behaviors. Our services will help grow your followers on social networks and increase word of mouth and referrals.


Increased Engagement

Our services will help increase engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.)on your social media posts. The strong connection builds through engagement will help your audience to avail of your product or service. The high engagement rate helps in building strong relationships with your community.

Increased Traffic and Conversions

Our social media services are paired with website traffic, which directly influences sales and leads. Our services aren't only confined to increasing engagement on social media but also increase conversions and drive traffic to your website, boosting more sales.

For your Social Media, You Need to have

Clear Strategy

We help you be consistent and purposeful by devising the right strategy for you. Get a healthy ROI on your social media investment by our social media marketing services.

Engaging Content

We create relevant, eye-catching, and valuable content that engages customers and builds communities. Our expert specialists give winning content insights and inspirations for your brand.

Right Social Media Platform

Our social media specialists analyze and do market research to tell you where your ideal customers are doing most online socializing. We use these insights to nurture your social networks.


NetMaticO’s Proven Social Media Marketing Process

Social Profile Creation

We will identify the social networks where people are most talking about your business. Using this, we'll create, manage and optimize social media profiles to attract visitors.

A Dedicated Social Account Manager for your Business

A dedicated social media account manager will learn your business’ objectives and develop a strategy accordingly. Our social media manager will execute strategies aligned with your business goals.

A Social Media Strategy Specific to your Business

Our social media specialist will perform research that will include competitive analysis, develop a buyer's persona, and develop an effective content strategy for your business.

Engaging Month-to-month Content Calendars and Posts

Our social media team will develop social media posts unique and relevant to your business. For keeping track, we create monthly content calendars for the company to review before anything goes live.

Growth Optimization and Daily Maintenance

Our services include daily management of social media activity, including messages, comments, and reviews. Our team aims to respond within 24 hours for better growth optimization and repute.

A Detailed Insights Report

Our social media marketing specialist prepares monthly reports to view the real-time progress of your business. The opportunities are then navigated, and strategy is devised accordingly.

Cross Channel Promotion

Our social media managers make sure your message reaches the right target audience and across all marketing channels using reporting insights.


Platforms where we Offer our Social Media Services

With social media marketing companies like NetMaticO, you can choose any of the following social media platforms below for social media services. These social media services are for every business niche and every business size.


Grow your business with the leading social media platform, Facebook. Reach your desired audience with nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook.


Discover new products and build your audience on the most engaging social media platform, Instagram. Since a picture retains more in mind than text, be among 60% sellers on Instagram.


A platform with over 330 million users of age group 18-64, Twitter helps increase brand recognition and build audience relationships.


Are you selling a consumer good? Use Pinterest and reach up to 400 million users with middle-high income women as a primary audience.


Use the most professional social media platform with over 500 million decision-makers and college-educated audience. This platform is popular for business owners.

Take your Social Media Presence to the Next Level with NetMaticO

The ever-evolving social media keeps on popping fresh features, algorithms, and new trends daily. Due to this, many marketers find it challenging to keep up with their pace.

Social media companies like NetMaticO utilize social media marketing services while aligning business goals with the latest trends and being ahead of the competition.   


Hundreds of people use social media; most people have an account on more than one social media outlet. The chance of you reaching your target audience is greater. Social media also provides demographic filters that make it easy for a business to select their clientele and create a brand image and online presence through social media.

It is smart to choose the famous channels with the most number of users, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. but also keep in mind which platform your target prefers the most.

Now that you have a social media presence, your brand's image depends on your customer reviews, as long as they like what they are delivered, this will improve your brand image. You can connect with customers to show them your care and value.

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