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Web Maintenance


Web Maintenance

NetMaticO is a website maintenance company in Toronto, helping organizations worldwide improve the presentation and security of their sites. Regardless of whether you're searching for a month to month, hourly, or yearly website maintenance plan, NetMaticO gives the experience and aptitude your organization requests, with the best prices.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Web maintenance is the demonstration of consistently checking your site for issues and missteps and keeping it refreshed and significant. Practicing web maintenance regularly makes sure your website is secure. Your content is up to date. Your website has steady traffic, and your SEO and Google rankings are at optimum levels.

Keeping a site maintained adequately and up-to-date is critical to organizations of all shapes and sizes to connect with and hold clients. It's simple for organizations, particularly new businesses, to compromise and let a couple of assignments slide.                                                                                        

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

NetMaticO's monthly maintenance plans allow our clients to have a reliable partner available by phone or email. We answer to all support-related inquiries as per our SLA with our clients. For Clients with mission-critical business, we can also provide support seven days a week.

Our Web Maintenance Services Include

Assurance All Day, Every Day

All NetMaticO maintenance plans give our customers assurance against malware and hack assaults. In case of a far-fetched hack assault, NetMaticO specialized group guarantees your site is ready for action.

Standard Backups and Restore

Our expert's team regularly makes backups of your website, so you work securely. If your site is under hack attack or malware infusion, we restore you're your website instantly.

Ecommerce Website Maintenance Services

Our eCommerce website maintenance services guarantees that your website's content, CMS platform, and plugins are up to date, so they launch quickly and positively impact your rankings.

Content Update

Quality written content is the final deciding factor. Google and other search engine rate sites on numerous standards and content are the most incredulous of all. To get excellent Search Engine Ranking, we work with our customers and include new blog entries, update pictures, recordings, and other content on the site to drive Search Engine Ranking.

Google Analytics Set-up and Monitoring

Ordinarily, we incorporate Google analytics set up and monitoring for all of our SEO customers, but we also provide it for customers who request it. This not just permits our customers and us to gather information; however, it also enables us to cooperate and roll out vital improvements to the sites that guarantee our customer's online goal achievement.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console arrangement and checking permits us to screen, keep up, and investigate our customer's sites to guarantee Search Engine Ranking. Once more, Google Search Console is usually an aspect of our SEO bundle, yet we also offer this assistance on request.

Wordpress Maintenance Service

Numerous organizations use WordPress as their CMS, which is why our web maintenance plans incorporate WordPress uphold. As an aspect of your bundle, our group deals with WordPress updates and security patches for your organization.

WordPress maintenance service can be computerized, yet we trust it is essential to have open eyes on your site. That is the reason you're relegated a WordPress expert from the very beginning. Your NetMaticO web maintenance team, becomes more acquainted with your site and screens it routinely to ensure it's running at top execution.

WordPress maintenance service costs are lower than you may suspect; however, you must put something beyond cash into running a site. Time is one of the most significant wares for your association, and the only website is minimal, it requires all the time to maintain a website.

It may cost more on paper to recruit an office; however, when you factor in the time you or another individual from the group spend on this essential capacity, re-appropriating is more suitable in the long haul. As you gauge your choices, consider that you're putting resources into the skill of a whole group as opposed to depending on yourself to discover all the appropriate responses while at the same time attempting to maintain your business.

WordPress Maintenance Service start with updates, and we update all WP center records, topics, and modules week after week. Our cycle includes a full manual investigation of your site to guarantee no blunders.

What Do We Offer?

  • Make regular backups.
  • Update the subjects and modules.
  • Update security software.
  • Post blogs regularly.
  • Update the business news and occasions.
  • Refresh your email lists.
  • Update your site with new and applicable content.
  • Help to expand your site traffic.
  • Guarantee your site is up-to-date and grows your customer base.
  • We help to expand your search engine rankings.


Website Maintenance is the process of refreshing the coding and content of the website, checking and resolving performance and security issues. Making sure the website is up-to-date secure and bug-free.

Normally refreshing your site with new content like text, pictures, PDFs, and recordings, and so forth, won't just gain additional dedication from your guests yet furnish them with a decent guest experience.

Our Website Maintenance services enable us to refresh all the content of your website, update the design, ad new functionalities, ad more pages, improve eCommerce stores, and resolve bugs and performance issues.

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